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Inyector Ford powerstroker 6.4 Diesel


Tipo Inyector
Producto INYECTOR CR DIESEL 6.4L POWERSTROKE SUPER DUTY F-250 F-350 F-450 F-550, MaxxForce 7  FORD AP64900


No. de parte ALLIANT POWER AP64900  / CONTINENTAL 1875072C91, 1875072C99RX


FORD 8C3Z9E527A, 8C3Z9E527DRM, 8C3Z-9E527-A, 8C3Z-9E527-DRM


NAVISTAR 1873422C92, 1873422C93, 1875072C91, 4307369R91, 4307381R91, 5010359R93


Tipo de motor 6.4 common rail 
Año 2007 – 2010
Tipo de inyección common rail, riel comun
Fabricante continental
Aplicación F-250 Power Stroke 6.4L 2008-2010, F-350 Power Stroke 6.4L 2008-2010, F-450 Power Stroke 6.4L 2008-2010, F-550 Power Stroke 6.4L 2008-2010, MaxxForce 7 2007-2010
Garantía 1 año de garantía bajo condiciones normales de uso, correcta instalación y políticas de la empresa, este producto no aplica cambio ni devoluciones 

El producto (inyector o bomba) son al cambio se requiere componente dañado por adelantado para su valoración de aceptación como core en caso de no proceder como core o no enviar el producto dañado tendrá que hacerse un deposito según el valor correspondiente del casco para poder enviar a destino el producto o productos que se adquirieron en la página web

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Ford powerstroker Diesel injector

Price: $ 4,799
Shipping in 24 hours to all of Mexico.
Warranty up to 6 months.
Large stock of Ford powerstroker 6.4 Diesel Injector for guaranteed purchases.
More information at  WhatsApp 33 2254 4431.


Transdiesel laboratory experts in Ford Injector 6.4

Injector type: common rail
Manufacturer: continental
Product: Ford powerstroker 6.4 Diesel injector

6 month warranty

Diesel injector failures are common and, unfortunately, a very expensive failure. We explain what these failures are due to and if it is possible to prevent them.

Diesel injectors are responsible for spraying the fuel inside the cylinders into as fine drops as possible and it is a very hard job due to the temperature of the fire and the pressure in the combustion chamber, the pressure of the fuel itself and the amount of fuel . duty cycles they must do. Their build quality is extreme to withstand this job, but they still fail. Let’s see what the main injectors failures are  and how to avoid them if possible.


Various types of injector failures:


  • Return leaks : the internal parts of the Diesel injectors wear out and are no longer hermetic, so that the fuel or oil, depending on the case, returns through the return circuit instead of leaving through the injector. This causes pressure losses in the supply circuit and, in addition, also that pressure is lost in the injection of the injector itself, which generates a worse pulverization of the fuel and that it burns worse, generating more carbon and smoke and increasing consumption. These return leaks are produced by the natural wear of the parts, by a manufacturing defect or by using fuel or poor quality oils and this happens in the Ford 6.4 Injector
  • Nozzle problems : the injector nozzle is the part that is inside the cylinder and exposed to very high temperatures and pressures that eventually damage it. The pressure at which the fuel comes out also wears down the holes and they end up losing their original shape and spraying the drops badly. Normally they are damaged before because on them carbon and residues of the combustion are deposited that are plugging the holes. Their wear is accelerated when using poor quality fuels or not having a correct maintenance of the fuel filters
  • and this happens in the Ford Injector 6.4
  • Electrical problems : the connectors of the injectors sometimes fail, although it is not frequent and also the coils of the electromagnets are burned in which they are electromagnetic
  • and this happens in the Injector Injector Ford powerstroker 6.4 Diesel
  • Problems with piezoelectric injectors : the problem with these injectors is that piezoelectric crystals have a certain number of duty cycles and there comes a point where no matter how much current we give it, the crystal does not react. Its shelf life has an expiration date. There is nothing to do here to increase its shelf life.

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Ford 6.4 injector

Injection type : Common-rail

Fuel Type : Diesel


Part number :

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